Too Faced is a brand I frequently see online, and one that I often eye up- particularly their gorgeous palettes! I had never tried any of their products as there aren’t any stores where I live that sell them, and because they are fairly expensive to buy on a whim.

However when I was in TK Maxx in London recently, I spotted that they had some of the Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks for £4.99 each- given that they retail for £19.00 in Debenhams this seemed like too good a deal to pass up… After doing the usual TK Maxx check (ensuring that nobody has already tried out the product!) I was able to find four different lipsticks, all new and in perfect condition.

I really like the packaging for these products, and they both look and feel good quality. I love the gold lids, and find the applicator tip on the lipstick simple to use- it really makes it quick and easy to apply accurately.

I picked up the following colours; Melted Metallic Bunny, Melted Metallic Macaron, Melted Metallic Violet and Melted Metallic Jelly.

I was quite surprised by the consistency of the lipstick, as it is more liquid than I expected and there was some variation between the colours- for instance I found that Violet was far oilier, and therefore less pigmented than the other colours.

I was really happy with the colours, and how wearable they are- as the packaging looks like they will be really bright. I don’t generally wear lipstick as I feel a bit self-conscious in it, but these are surprisingly easy to wear. I’ve got fairly pigmented lips naturally- so did feel that my own lip colour showed through on the more opaque lipsticks.

My favourites of the four are Macaron and Jelly- which are the most pigmented and give the most vivid look on my lips. I found that the Bunny and Violet were a little runnier and therefore struggled to give as thick and even a layer, and had a tendency to look spottier (and more like a straight gloss).  As I have used Bunny more, it does seem to be becoming a more workable texture so it’s possible that this will also happen with the Violet lipstick. Macaron and Jelly were a much better texture right from the beginning- so are currently my favourites!

I’d highly recommend picking up the lipsticks for the price that I paid- for £4.99 you can’t really go wrong! But at the RRP, it’d be worth swatching them first to check the colour and the texture. I also found that on my lips they looked pretty different to the swatches so keep that in mind.  I’d definitely suggest keeping an eye out at TK Maxx for bargains such as these- although I’ve sadly never spotted them in my local store!