Since I’ve been growing my hair out again (I’ve fluctuated between really short and rather long hair for the last five plus years!) I’ve been trying to ensure that I take good care of it, particularly as I try to avoid cutting my hair too frequently. There’s several hair products that I really love to keep my hair in tip top condition- such as elasticizer. However I wanted something quick to use for when I don’t have time to put on a hair mask and leave it for several hours, which as we get into Autumn can leave me feeling rather chilly with wet hair for that amount of time!

Due to this, I couldn’t resist picking up the Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask when I was last in the store- sadly about a week before their half price offer started! It’s a vegan once a week treatment which is supposed to leave hair nourished and shiny- whilst helping your hair look less frizzy. As my hair is quite fine and can be liable to frizz this sounded perfect! It’s not too expensive at £12 for a decent sized pot, and not too much product is required- even in my fairly long hair.

It’s very simple and quick to use as well. After shampooing and conditioning my hair, I simply scoop it up, run it through all my hair and leave it for around five minutes (although you can leave it longer!) then rinse it out. I try to avoid washing my hair too frequently now that it is longer, and using this every 5 days or so seems to cause no ill effect or product build up in my hair.

It is super easy to rinse out, and doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it look greasy. It also smells amazing- like banana obviously! After use, it leaves my hair smelling fantastic, and feeling moisturised and shiny. I’ve used the tub three or so times already – and have barely made a dent. So I’d imagine that it’ll do at least 12 applications, so the cost per use is £1 or less! And it seems to work better than many of the single use masks I have tried which cost more!

If you suffer from dry or frizzy hair I’d definitely recommend giving this a go – although I’d check you like the smell of banana as the scent does linger in your hair! The Body Shop frequently has offers on, so you can probably pick it up cheaper than £12 (at the moment they have a £25 off £50 offer) and for that price you can’t really go wrong. I just use the hair mask with my normal shampoo and conditioner- however when I run out I’d love to give the matching banana ones a go.

Let me know any hair products you love for keeping your hair healthy!


When I was younger I only really knew the Body Shop for their Shower Gels and Body Butters, but I was obviously missing out- as I have found that they have some great skin care products in the last few years! I really love rose products for my face, as I have quite sensitive skin and they seems to help soothe it- particularly when I am having issues with dryness or redness. Due to this I was very interested after seeing the Body Shop British Rose Petal-Soft Gel Toner online (and reviewed on my favourite blog for skincare – Makeup Savvy), and I just couldn’t resist picking it up when I was in the Body Shop recently!

As we’re beginning to get into colder weather – the duvet’s back on the bed and it’s been raining pretty much every day this week – it seemed like the perfect time to pick up this toner. It promises to re-plump the skin with moisture, and leave it feeling soft soothed and replenished, this sounded perfect for the Autumn/Winter period when I often find my skin feeling in need of a little extra attention and hydration! It’s a really easy product to use, after washing your face you simply put some onto a cotton pad and wipe it over your face and neck.

The packaging for the toner is simple, but attractive. It has a flip top with a small opening which makes it easy to control how much product is released, and due to the gel formula this helps to prevent accidentally putting too much on the cotton pad and wasting it. I really like that the toner has real (small pieces) of rose petal which are suspended in the gel!

This toner feels lovely on the skin, and has made my face feel smoother – helping with the dry patches that I tend to get around my nose and forehead. I also really love the rose scent, which makes it a pleasure to use, and it always feels like a treat for my skin after a tiring day. Due to the toner not containing alcohol, it also doesn’t leave your face feeling tight like some other toners.

I purchased it at full price for £9.50, and feel that it is a great toner for under £10- although it may be possible to pick it up cheaper as the Body Shop frequently has offers on.

I’d love to hear any recommendations for favourite Body Shop products!


I picked up this warming mineral mask by The Body Shop when I required a third item on a 3 for 2 offer, I chose this because it was near the till and because I liked the idea of a warming mask- having liked the Montagne Jeunesse hot chocolate masks in the past.

I got this in the summer, and have been enjoying using it. It seems to last for quite a few applications which is good, and makes the initial price of the mask more reasonable. Now that the weather is colder I am particularly enjoying using it, due to the warming sensation when you apply it.

You apply this mask after cleansing, apply it to a wet face (avoiding eye and lip areas) leave it on for five minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Also try to avoid getting it in your hair and eyebrows like I did!

I like how quick a mask it is and how nice it makes my skin feel in a mere five minutes. It is quick enough to use in the morning before you have to go out, so not just a mask for a pamper day like others I have used. However the warming effect means it is also great to use as part of a spa evening at home!

It makes my skin feel so clean and soft, and the smell of the mask is lovely!

The texture of the mask is fairly thick, almost paste like. I find it pretty easy to smooth over wet skin, although applying a thick layer can be a little difficult.

The mask doesn’t harden, which makes it much easier to remove compared to other clay masks- which can set fairly solid! I have sensitive skin that gets dry easily and this mask works well for me, my boyfriend also likes the mask when he uses it- and he has oily/combination skin so I would recommend this mask for different skin types. Obviously if you could try a sample before committing to the full size it would be even better!

It costs £11 which is reasonable for the amount of uses that you can get from the mask. I would repurchase this once I have finished it.

Do you have any recommendations for face masks?


Before picking up these items I hadn’t used anything from the Body Shop in several years, but after reading multiple positive reviews for the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter I decided to go in and pick it up and due to a special offer in store I also picked up the Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover. I have been using these two products for a couple of months now.

The camomile cleansing butter is a very effective make-up remover, and doesn’t require great effort to remove your make-up. With other products I have found myself having to scrub my skin to remove all remnants of make-up but with this cleansing butter it is removed easily.

To use this product you simply scoop up a little of the butter from the tin (and a small amount is all that is required for your whole face). Then apply to a dry face and massage into your skin. You can either rinse off with warm water, or remove with a warm wet cloth (I often use a gentle flannel).

What I like about this product is that it works! It is packaged nicely in a tin and based on how much I have used up currently it should last me a good amount of time. My skin is left feeling clean and soft and it works well with my sensitive skin, not causing any redness or irritation. It also smells lovely!

It is not the cheapest cleanser for £13 per 90ml but it works well and should last for a decent amount of time.

I don’t use this product to remove my eye make-up however, so am unsure how well it works for this.

For removing my eye make-up I use the camomile gentle eye make-up remover which I really like.

I have sensitive eyes that often experience a stinging or burning effect when I use make-up removers around them but this doesn’t irritate them! I am also not left with red eyes after removing my eye make-up.

It is gentle but effective, and I find that gently swiping across my closed eye with a cotton pad is effective at removing most of my eye make-up, and then I just spot wipe wherever remnants may be left (usually mascara left on my lashes or eye liner) until all my eye make-up is gone.

I would not use too much of the remover on the cotton pad as if too much is used it can leak into your eye which isn’t the most pleasant experience and can sting a little.

It leaves my lids feeling clean and soft and is good at shifting stubborn make-up.

It costs £9 for 250ml

I would definitely buy both of these products again once I use them up, although I would probably wait and buy them when the Body Shop has an offer on. These two products have also convinced me to go in and try more products from the Body Shop range.

What’s your favourite products for removing make up? Let me know in the comments below!