Origins Ginzing Moisturiser Review

Origins Ginzeng Side View Skincare is an area I care about, but also an area I kind of suck at. I am fairly terrible at remembering to wash my face and moisturise frequently- maybe because my skin isn’t that badly behaved. But I have decided recently that I really want to try get into a better routine with my skincare- namely to ensure I use a moisturiser  morning and night.

I chose to order a new moisturiser from Origins, partly because I was already planning to order another item from them and partly because I have always heard good things about Origins skincare range.

I decided to order the Ginzing moisturiser, and my decision was finalized when I saw that Origins was offering it in a limited edition super-size (where you get 75ml instead of 50ml for about the same price).

It costs £25, which seems like a fair price given the amount of product, and having been using it for a few weeks I feel that it should last a decent amount of time as I don’t require a huge amount to moisturize my whole face.

Origins have packaged the item well, and I like the shape of the pot and the fact that it is sturdy enough to survive being tossed in a bag when I am staying over somewhere.

Origins Ginzeng White Background

The Ginzing moisturiser is a lightweight oil free cream, which soaks in easily. It is a fairly light consistency which is perfect for summer and moisturises my face well although come winter and the colder months I may be tempted to switch to a heavier moisturiser.

My skin certainly looks better since I started using this – and the dry patches I occasionally get on my forehead seem to have stopped appearing. I like that it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin yet my skin still feels refreshed and hydrated!

According to Origins it is recommended for dry/normal/oily skin and I can certainly believe that it would work well for all three- my boyfriend also uses it occasionally and between the two of us I think that we can cover all three categories depending on how our skin is behaving.

Based on my experience with it so far I would certainly recommend giving it a try, and it is the pretty much the cheapest Origins cream so not a bad one to try if you have never used their moisturisers before and want to give them a go.

Origins Ginzeng Above


Origins Rest and Recharge Gift Set Review

Origins Set

Origins has always been a brand that I really wanted to try, particularly after seeing glowing reviews for their products on blogs and seeing them show up frequently in peoples favourites videos. Other than trying out a couple of their facemasks in the last couple of months (thanks to the rather awesome pods they have) I had never tried any of their range.

There was one major reason for this- price. Origins is fairly expensive in my mind, and I don’t tend to like spending say £20 on a face cream if I am not sure whether it will work for me. However since I started working full time I decided that this was a good way to treat myself! And also treat my skin- as I am sometimes a bit neglectful of it.

I then dithered for a few weeks about which product I wanted to try. In the end I was convinced by the bargain angle- As Origins had a handy ‘Rest and Recharge’ gift set that would allow me to try out four different products! For £35 this seemed like a good deal, particularly as it includes a full size night cream which costs £35.

It arrived with free delivery from Origins, which was handy as I haven’t noticed this set in my local John Lewis or Boots. It also came with a couple of free sample sachets, which I got to choose from a few available. It arrived in a nice box which I quickly disposed of, but feel is worth mentioning in case anyone wanted to give it as a gift!

The set contains four items as follows;

  • Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (50ml)
  • Vitazing SPF 15 Moisturiser (30ml)
  •  Night-A-Mins Renewal Cream (50ml – Full Size!)
  •  GinZeng Eye Cream (5ml)

These items are all decent sized, and none feel like a sample size! Well, except for maybe the eye cream based on the size- but as the full size is only 15ml it is still very reasonable.

Since I bought this set a few weeks ago and have been using most of the items daily I feel that I can give my thoughts on them!

Origins Overnight Mask

First up is the Drink Up Overnight Mask. I really like this mask, although I feel that cream would be a more accurate description for it as that is what it feels like on the skin, and how I apply it. I have been using it a couple of times a week and I feel that my skin is more moisturised and softer when I wake up. I was particularly happy to have a decently sized version of this mask!

Origins Vitazing

Next is Vitazing, which feels nice on the skin and applies very smoothly. It also has a SPF of 15, which I like. However I am unsure whether I would purchase this separately from the set as it has a sheer tint release which I think is just a tad too dark for my skin- although not unwearable, and unnoticeable to the people I have asked! For people who don’t have to pick the palest foundation they can find, it would probably work well but for me I feel that this moisturizer would look better if I managed to get a slight tan!

Origins Night a Mins

The Night-A-Mins cream is very pleasant to use. It has a nice, thick and creamy texture that applies well to the skin and sinks in nicely without feeling greasy or sticky. It also smells pleasant and I feel that my skin looks and feels better since I have started using it (although I have also started using a new face wash and day cream at the same time so can’t promise it is all due to this cream!) This is also a full size item, so is worth getting the set for if you fancy trying it- as you’d basically be getting everything else for free!

Origins Eye Cream

Finally is the GinZeng Eye Cream. I like this cream as it feels lovely on the skin and moisturises well. I would however say that it does not reduce dark circles for me- although mine are pretty prominent, and I haven’t really found anything that gets rid of them. I don’t find that I have bags or puffiness when using this cream, but neither did I really notice any prior to using it! So I would say that this is good as a moisturiser, but I can’t really comment on its extra benefits, although I do like the slight sheen to help brighten the under eye area.

My final thoughts on the set is that it is a great introduction to try out Origins, and also good if you are looking to shake up your skincare routine as it gives you plenty of products to try out. I have enjoyed using all the products, and feel that they do make my skin look and feel better. It definitely makes me want to try more products from Origins- and in fact the sample I received with my order led to me making a full size purchase!

I’d love to hear any suggestions for people’s favourite products from Origins!