There was quite a long period of time where I didn’t buy myself any soap and glory products. Years of buying them as presents for my mum meant that I never really thought to buy myself any- although I did use my mum’s stash occasionally! However after I kept seeing them pop up in other people’s favourites I decided I had to try them and see what I had been missing out on.

Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub (£8.00)

This was the main product that made me want to try Soap and Glory for myself (rather than stealing my mums!) I had read so many positive reviews about it, and read about how amazing it smelt that I just had to try it. And it is really good. It makes your skin feel smoother and it smells absolutely delicious, like maple syrup. I am reaching the end of this pot, and currently only use it on my arms and legs to prolong how long it lasts, but for the scent and the results it is well worth it. I will definitely repurchase once this is empty.

Endless Glove Hand Mask (£6.50)

My hands have horrible issues with getting really dry, then becoming itchy and stinging if I put any products on them. I also had some rough patches along the sides of my fingers. After using this, both as a mask with gloves overnight and as a hand cream my hands have been feeling so much better! No roughness, just lovely soft hands and no dry or red stinging patches. It will be put more to the test now that the colder months are coming, as that is when my hands area at their worst but currently I am very happy with the results I have had with this cream. I also really like the scent of this. It is different but amazing smelling. I will definitely be replacing this, sooner rather than later as my boyfriend likes using it as well!

Heel Genius Foot Cream (£5.50)

My feet were getting really dry and peeling before I bought this (gross I know) but after a week or so of massaging this into my feet at night-time, and putting socks on over the top overnight my feet were feeling so much better. The dry sections were gone and my feet were much softer. I now find I only have to put it on when I remember, and the dry patches haven’t returned! It also smells pleasant and the cream is a perfect texture to apply to your feet.

Sugar Crush Body Wash (£6.50)

This is an amazing body wash. It smells really lovely, like limes and lemons- a very fresh and sweet scent. It bubbles very easily and feels nice on my skin. I like that it has a pump as it makes it really easy to use, and helps to prevent wasting product by squeezing too much out. What I really like about this body wash is that it is really long lasting- I have had a bottle for three or more months, using every couple of days (and my boyfriend using it as well) and it is still going! It is really fantastic and makes me want to try more of the Soap and Glory shower range.

Rich & Foamous shower and bath body wash (£6.50)

I haven’t actually used this yet, due to my bottle of Sugar Crush lasting so long, and the fact I decided I am only allowed one open shower gel at a time! However I can’t imagine not loving this when I start using it as it has been excellently reviewed online. I am also looking forward to trying this as a bubble bath as well. As it is a moisturising product I will probably start using it in winter when my skin needs the extra help! The best thing about this product has to be the scent however- I bought it immediately after smelling it! It smells like delicious sweet popcorn. You probably have to be a fan of sweet scents to love this as much as I do, but if you see it in store give it a whiff!

I usually pick up Soap and Glory when they are in a 3 for 2 offer. The reason there are only five items in this list is because I also got a brow product. Sadly I hadn’t realised this wasn’t in the 3 for 2 offer, and the lady at Boots didn’t let me know so I missed out on a free product (Cue endless regrets.)

I’d love any recommendations for Soap & Glory products!