I’ve had pretty much the same colour hair all my life- with brief forays into henna (great colour, impossible to remove without growing it/cutting it out…) dyed rainbow ends (great fun, but expensive and faded fast) and temporary pink colouring (looked pretty cool, but dyed permanently in spots.) I’ve never dyed it permanently all over, and given my general dislike for spending money on haircuts etc. it seemed smart to just try stick with my natural colour for a while- as that doesn’t require as much upkeep!

However as I’ve got older, I’ve noticed that my hair is getting lighter- I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s certainly not as coppery as when I was a kid! It’s edged more into the strawberry blond category and I was starting to feel that it had lost some of it’s vibrancy and shine, and I missed the more coppery tones that it used to have.

My solution to this was twofold;

Firstly I did a rough all over dye over my natural hair with the L’Oreal Colorista Copper Blonde hair dye, which kind of worked- in that it made my hair slightly brighter and shinier, but I really couldn’t get on board with the smell (really awful, and made me feel quite anxious!) and for the limited change (other than a bit shinier, and more copper tones) I just don’t feel that in hindsight I’d particularly recommend it.

Secondly- and the subject of this post- I bought the “Infuse My. Colour Wash Copper” shampoo from Boots, after seeing it on Instagram a few times and liking the sound of it!

This I would recommend, and it seems to be as effective for me as the dye- given that it gives me brighter, shinier and more vibrant hair- which smells good (fruity and delicious!).

The shampoo comes in a reasonably small bottle (250ml) but I’ve found it very long lasting, having already used it for a few months, and only used slightly over half the bottle. I have pretty long hair, so I am quite impressed it has lasted that long and also glad as it isn’t the cheapest shampoo at £13.95 a bottle. Although I try to usually stick to washing my hair a couple of times a week, so if you use it everyday it may run out quicker.

I also like the packaging, it’s a simple label on a pretty bottle- I love the shape and the bright copper colour (which is the actual colour of the shampoo!) and it looks cute on the bath, whilst being thin enough to not take up much room on the ledge.

It’s also super simple to use- as you just use it as normal shampoo- i.e. lather rinse and repeat if necessary! One thing to note is to make sure to rinse your shower well after use, as it is a very bright shampoo, and it may leave coppery marks- although I’ve found that it does wash off easily, and I’ve never noticed any stains. It also seems to help with keeping my hair soft (although admittedly my love for Elasticizer may help with that!)

Overall I would highly recommend this for redheaded people wanting to up the brightness, and coppery tones of their hair! It’s certainly made a difference to mine, and I’m planning to replace it when it runs out. For the price I can’t fault it, and it’s actually cheaper than my previous shampoo, so to me it feels like a bargain. It’s made me feel better about my natural hair colour, and evened out the colour, both from the leftover pink dye stain, and the previous copper dye- all in all a great result! It’s also 100% Vegan, and has 0% Sulphates, Parabens and Silicone.

I’d love to hear any recommendations for good hair products for redheads- or just any particularly brilliant hair products!