I have discovered that I really love using sheet masks in summer, particularly when I stick them in the fridge for a few hours to chill. It makes it a treat to have a relax with a mask on and cool down overly warm skin- especially during the last  few days of sunny weather where I have been out hunting Pokémon! (They also give my sun screen hating skin a little boost.)

Previously I have ordered masks on Ebay from Korea, which are lovely but do come with a long waiting time- and can be fairly expensive. I was therefore delighted to spot these ‘the crème shop’ masks in my local TKMAXX.

They had multiple different ones including cute animal face masks (which I believe have animal faces printed on the masks!) but from this rather large variety I chose two, Coconut Oil infused and Rose Water infused.

This was largely because these were two of the largest mask sets- which seemed like a bit of a bargain at £4.99 for 5 masks. At around £1 a mask , it is cheaper than I have found on eBay. The other reason was that I find that rose water and coconut oil products work well for my skin.

Once unwrapped and put on the masks do have a fairly slimy feel to them, but I have found that to be part of most sheet masks and they are very soothing to the skin due to this. After removing the masks any liquid left on the skin soaks in easily.

I find the masks to be fairly similar in their benefits, both leave my skin feeling softer and more nourished and both smell pleasantly of their respective infusions. They also make my skin feel smoother.  I love the packaging for the masks, both the print on the box and the fact that the benefits of the mask are printed on the box making it easy to pick the right one depending on what you want!

My favourite part of using these masks is the ritual- I know that after putting on the mask I have no choice but to sit down and chill for 10-15 minutes whilst doing nothing.

If you like sheet masks and would like to try a new one I would recommend looking in your local TKMAXX and seeing whether they have some in stock, it is certainly a quicker and easier way to try out a mask compared to ordering them online and waiting for them to arrive.

I’d love any recommendations for favourite sheet masks!

I bought the Baby Silky Foot One Shot Peeling by Holika Holika because based on the reviews online it looked amazing! It sounded like the perfect occasional treatment for when my feet got really bad, as I liked the idea of a mask that would make the dead skin on your feet just peel off within 4-7 days.

We picked up two so that both my boyfriend and I could try it out. The contents of the package are two joined sachets of the foot peel solution, and two plastic socks that you place your feet into. In order to use the mask you put the socks on, pour one of the solutions into each sock and then tie the socks on and leave them for 1 ½ hours.

Sadly my expectations and hopes for this product were not met at all. I kept waiting past the four day mark in the hopes that I would wake up one day to a foot transformation worthy of Ariel but nothing happened. Perhaps the barest minimum peel that you couldn’t really notice- nothing like the snake skin shedding I was expecting!

I gave the product time to work- this is day 11 or so and nothing has happened, so I don’t think anything will happen. It also didn’t work for my boyfriend. There are no before and after pictures because they would just look the same!

It isn’t an exceptionally expensive treatment- costing around the £4 mark. But for £4 for a single use I definitely expected to be able to see some type of result from using it- especially based on other people’s reviews online.

I really wanted this to work- as it sounded like a great idea for when your feet get really bad, like in winter or for when you want them to look exceptionally nice- like when you are wearing sandals! But it was clearly not meant to be, which is a shame as I enjoyed the previous Holika Holika face mask I tried.

I don’t think that I will give this product another go. I’d rather buy a new product to try out then repeat using a product that was unnoticeable in its results.

I’m not sure why this product didn’t work for us, so I can’t recommend it. If you try it and it works well let me know!

Have you tried any peeling treatments that have worked? I’d love to hear about them.

I decided to do another order from the ebay shop iamlove-shop.

This was mainly because I wanted another of the Baby Silky Foot masks, so that my boyfriend and I could try them out together- the review for that will be up soon. I then got tempted by other items!

The items actually arrived really quickly this time- much quicker than last time; they arrived within a week or so of ordering. This seemed exceptionally fast considering that the items were from Korea. They may vary in delivery time however, as my last order took a few weeks.

The items arrived perfectly packaged again, and with a variety of free samples. Based on the two orders I have made, both have arrived packaged in a box so I don’t think that they necessarily send parcels that would fit through a letterbox.

It was a full on mask selection this time! I really love the packaging for these items, they’re so cute.

Firstly there is the Baby Silky Foot Peeling Mask by Holika Holika, this was ordered so that we had two, and my boyfriend and I could try them at the same time.

The Juicy Mask Sheet in Tea Tree by Holika Holika is also for the boy, we were looking through masks and he liked the look of this one due to liking tea tree. I have to say that based on the packaging I am a little jealous I didn’t get one.

I got the Before go to Work mask by Holika Holika because I liked the previous sheet masks I tried in this range, and I wanted to try another one. They come in a pack of three which seems like great value. They have a section on the back where you can write who they are for, so I think they would make great stocking fillers! I chose the before work mask fairly randomly as I couldn’t chose between them- mostly based on the picture.

I got the Cherry Lip Gel Patch by Etude House because I have seen it online and it looked interesting! It is a giant lip patch that you stick over your lips to help with dry, chapped or sore lips. I get horribly chapped lips in winter so thought it would be worth getting one and saving it for when my lips get really bad. It has the side effect of looking vaguely terrifying whilst on, which I am looking forward to taking pictures of when I try it.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask.  I really wanted to try this after seeing reviews for it online. I like clay masks, and the idea of one that bubbles sounded fascinating. I have tried this mask once, and found application and removal a little difficult but hopefully now that I have tried it I will be better at applying it when I take pictures to review! I like that it comes with a spatula so that you don’t have to poke your fingers in the pot. It is unlike any other mask I have tried.

Finally here’s a picture of the free samples, and free blotting paper that came with my items. I enjoy receiving free samples as it is a great way to try out products you haven’t heard of!

This was a very mask based post. I’d love to hear any masks you’d recommend- Korean or otherwise!

For quite some time I’ve had an interest in looking at Korean beauty products online, particularly at reviews and hauls. It is always interesting to look at what kind of beauty products are available in other places- and Korean skincare seems to be highly thought of online.

I got my items from ebay from iamlove-shop.

The items took a while to arrive- not surprisingly as they were from Korea. They took a few weeks but they arrived within the estimated time frame, were dispatched very quickly from the store and the shipping was free. The prices for the products seemed reasonable, and there was a selection of free samples included (on the top left hand side in the picture).

What I also really liked about ordering from this store is that the items were very neatly packaged. They were wrapped in bubble wrap inside a cardboard box so all the items arrived in perfect condition. If you wanted to make a Korean beauty order, based on this order I would recommend them.

The items that I purchased were as follows;

Baby Silky Foot by Holika Holika– This looked really interesting based on the reviews online. It is a single use foot treatment which is supposed to make your dead skin on your feet peel off after 4-7 days, in giant strips according to some reviews. It sounded great and my boyfriend wanted to try it. I will update with how it worked.

Holika Holika Before Date Mask– I really wanted to try a sheet mask as they seem to be all the range and much easier to apply, as you just place them on, leave them, remove them then pat in the excess moisture. I chose this one because I liked the concept of before and after masks, they had ones for Before Bedtime, After Drinking… And I was lured by the packaging. The art on this before date one was so cute! Make the boys go Oh apparently! I got three, and a friend and I tried them out. A full review will follow, but as a little spoiler- they feel fairly slimy!

Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick #10 (Little Bear Star)- This is a really warm coppery colour which I thought would be perfect for autumn, looking forward to properly trying this out!

Missha Eye Fit Stick in French Roasting– I liked this brown colour (and the name) and don’t have any stick shadows, so will be interested to try this out fully.

It was a tiny haul but very exciting to look through, and I love that I have a selection of samples to try out. I definitely want to try some more sheet masks… There are so many interesting varieties!

Have you tried any interesting Korean products?