For Christmas this year I was lucky enough to receive the Route to Radiance set by Liz Earle – which was an amazing deal for £30 during one of Boots weekly Christmas offers. It was an amazing set for this price, including 100ml of the iconic Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, 200ml of Instant Boost Skin Tonic, a 75ml Deep Cleansing Mask, two 15ml mask – intensive nourishing treatment and brightening treatment and finally two cotton cloths, and two sponges. And to make it even better, it was gorgeously packaged in a stunning box! To buy the items individually at full price, it’d cost over £60 so I figured that this would be a great way to try out some Liz Earle products- as previously I have only used the Hot Cloth Cleanser.

So far, I’ve used three of the products, the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, The Instant Boost Skin Tonic and the Deep Cleansing Mask and I love the way they make my skin feel when used as a combination.

Generally, in the evening  I’ll start with the cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser- I’m currently still using my old bottle, as I find that 1 or 2 pumps is plenty for my whole face, so it lasts a decent amount of time. I rub it over my whole face (and it does work well to remove makeup when I am wearing it) and then remove it with one of the cotton cloths provided soaked in hot water. This effortlessly removes makeup, and grime from the day and leaves my skin feeling soft, smelling delicious (like rosemary, camomile and eucalyptus!) and feeling a ton happier! I largely save this for days I’m wearing makeup (as it’s not the cheapest of cleansers when bought full price) but I always love the evenings that I use this! I’d hate to be without this product, which I think has a well-deserved reputation.

After this, about once a week I’ll use the deep cleansing mask, which helps to purify your skin and regulate oiliness and leaves my skin feeling more balanced (and smelling of roses!) I smooth it over my face, avoiding eyes, lips and hairline and leave on for around 10 minutes. I then remove it using the provided sponges, well rinsed in water and then splash my face with cold water. I think that once a week is plenty, as using it more frequently may be too drying for my skin.

Finally I finish up with the instant boost skin tonic. It once again smells heavenly and leaves my skin smelling floral, as it includes essential oils of rose-scented geranium, lavender and sweet orange. To use, I just pour some onto cotton wool pads, and sweep over my face, helping to leave it soothed.

I’ve not tried the other masks yet, as I have quite a few different masks but frequently forget to use them! But I’d certainly recommend a similar set if you wish to try out Liz Earle products- or if you only want to try one, any of the above are great (Although the Hot Cloth Cleanser is my favourite!)

I have fairly well behaved skin, so admittedly most of the time it doesn’t need that much help but it does feel softer and smoother since I added these to my routine. Although it may partly be because I like using these so much that I remember to use them and moisturise- a step I tend to forget when I am tired.

I’d love to hear any recommendations for other Liz Earle products I should try- as the brand is still fairly new to me!