Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in Light Porcelain

Rimmel Match Foundation

I find it difficult to find a foundation that is pale enough for my skin, particularly from high street brands. Many foundations that I try out are also too yellow toned for my skin which has a pink undertone.

It was after seeing multiple positive reviews for the Light Porcelain Rimmel match perfection foundation, particularly about how it was a good shade for people with paler skin that I decided to get this shade and try it out.

This is the lightest shade in the Rimmel Range currently. The foundation is fairly thin and liquid. It is a tad darker and pinker than I would like for my skin tone. It works for my skin tone still but I wish that they offered a lighter shade.

Rimmel Match Foundation open

I like the bottle, it feels fairly hefty and is made of glass and I also like that this foundation has a pump as it helps ensure that I do not dispense too much product and makes it easy to apply with little mess. It applies well with a brush, although I usually find myself blending in some sections with my fingers as it does require a fairly thorough blend.

Before and after

Without is on the left and with on the right

What I like about this foundation is that it feels very lightweight on my skin, whilst giving a look of natural skin but with fewer imperfections. It also makes my skin look brighter and healthier.

The one slight issue I do have with the Match Perfection foundation is that it provides fairly light coverage, and does not really cover up blemishes. My freckles still show through the foundation which shows that the coverage is not the best, however I prefer this over having a foundation that feels too heavy on my skin.

I like the way that the foundation makes my skin look. I would definitely buy the foundation again, and if Rimmel bought out a paler shade I would try it immediately. I also think that it is a bargain price at £7.99 (And it can sometimes be found on offer for less!)

Any recommendations for the best foundations for pale skin?

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