Baileys Tiramisu


I love tiramisu and will often choose it when it is on a dessert menu, luckily it is also simple to make at home.

This recipe is from the book Nigella Express- one of my favourite cookbooks I remember being given as a teenager (thanks Mum!)

I made this recipe for the first time when I was about to head off to University for my second year!

The original recipe serves up to 12, however as the boyfriend and I have our own place I didn’t feel that we needed that much temptation!

Therefore I decided to roughly half the recipe (except for a couple of areas where strictly halving it would be difficult.) If you would like the original full size recipe check out Nigella’s therefore, as doubling this would not get the exact original quantities. Luckily for us halving the recipe worked very well- my boyfriend actually prefers the smaller version over the larger version that I make for larger groups (Although I can’t quite pinpoint the difference!).

It makes about four portions, which usually means that we have dessert two nights in a row- so it definitely lasts a couple of days in the fridge, although after that I don’t know.

What I like about making the half size version is that is makes it a cheaper dessert, as buying the 250ml of baileys and 500g mascarpone for the original version makes it rather pricey- half the amount means half the price!

Tiramisu 3


175ml cooled espresso coffee- made with about 5 teaspoons instant espresso powder

125ml Baileys

1x 200g Packet Sponge finger biscuits (I usually buy an extra packet just to make sure I have enough, any leftover biscuits can be saved for another recipe or just eaten!)

1 egg

38g Caster Sugar (I used infused vanilla caster because that is what I had)

250g Mascarpone (usually one tub)

Cocoa Powder for dusting the top.

You also need a rectangular or square glass container to make the tiramisu in, I usually use a Pyrex dish with a capacity of about 1.5l.

To begin with mix around 87 ml of the Baileys with the coffee in a shallow container, I used a loaf tin last time because that was what I had available and it worked exceptionally well!

Then dip the biscuits into this mixture and let them soak on both sides until damp (don’t let them become soggy or you will run out of liquid later!) You want them firm enough to not break when removed from the liquid. Use them to line the bottom of the Pyrex.

Separate the egg into two bowls. Whisk the yolk and the sugar together until thick and paler yellow. Then fold in the remaining 38ml of Baileys, and the mascarpone to make a thick smooth mixture. The mascarpone may leave little lumps in the mixture, but these can be squished and mixed in until it is beautifully smooth.

Whisk the egg white until it is thick and frothy, with no clear liquid white at the bottom of the bowl, I used a glass bowl so that I could lift it and check underneath that it was all properly whisked. As it is such a small amount of egg white this can be done by hand rather than using an electric whisk.

Gently fold the egg white into the mascarpone mixture then spread half of this mixture on top of the biscuits.

Repeat the soaking process with the sponge fingers and make another layer. Then top with the remainder of the mascarpone mixture.

Cover with clingfilm and leave in the fridge overnight. Sieve cocoa powder over the top of the tiramisu before serving.

I recommend serving it with a spatula of some sort- I use a plastic or silicone one, cut it then lever it out and you can get nice neat looking slices.


Finally, enjoy!

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