Viktor & Rolf Bonbon

BonbonViktor and Rolf Bonbon is my current go to perfume.

Bonbon is particularly special for me because my boyfriend bought it for me as an anniversary present, after I had a sample in a magazine and really liked the scent.

It is a sweet fragrance, although I do not find it sickly sweet. On my skin it is sweet but not one dimensional, with caramel, fruity notes and a lasting floral scent.

I can be very picky with perfumes as certain fragrances just make me feel ill, or give me a headache but I really like this one.

The scent lasts well, although is fairly pricy so I don’t use it every day. It is a scent that makes me feel happy however so a great pick me up on a not so good day. Although this may partly be because it reminds me of the sweet surprise of being given this perfume!

I also think that the bottle is very cute! It is also fairly sturdy although a little too awkwardly shaped to carry around. Personally I leave mine on the makeup table where it looks pretty, and due to lasting well I will spray it on in the morning and it will last till I get home!

Bonbon retails at around the £50 mark for 30ml, and can be found at Boots (where mine was purchased apparently) John Lewis and a number of other stores.

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