Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar Review

Side Sparkly Pumpkin

Whilst my boyfriend was on his way home from work last night I asked whether he would pop into Lush to pick me up a bath bar, happily for me he did!

I love Lush and have used their products for years but in order to save my wallet I try not to go in too often… It is far too easy for buying a bath bomb to lead to buying half the shop!

Usually I choose to buy bubble bars instead of bath bombs due to the fact that I feel that they are better value for money- as they usually can be used for more than one bath, and also due to the fact that I like some bubbles in my bath! (Although I always love a bath bomb as a special treat.)

The Sparkly Pumpkin is exactly that. It is very sparkly and will cover your hand in glitter when you touch it, and will transfer to anything you touch unless you wash your hands! However this is to be expected when buying a glittery bubble bar, and I don’t mind at all so long as I get a nice (and sparkly) bath out of it.

It is a very cute bath bar which I especially like because it looks like a tiny pumpkin- I have a weakness for pumpkins as they remind me of autumn!

The scent of the Sparkly Pumpkin is very citrusy and cheerful, not quite what I would have expected for a pumpkin shaped bar (I would have imagined a more spicy scent) although it may have been more spicy smelling if my bar had kept its cinnamon stick! It is however very pleasant.

Half Pumpkin

To use the bubble bar I crumbled half under hot running water (saving the other half for another time!) It gives a light orange bath with masses of white bubbles and golden sparkles. The water also feels soft and leaves your skin smelling delightful!

It is definitely a better value bath than some of the lush products, as can easily stretch to two baths (Or be used for one super indulgent bath)

Due to this I feel that it is a fair price for a lush bath at £3.65. Although it is obviously more expensive than a bottle of bubble bath, I find it a much more indulgent bath that feels special.

I can’t wait to try the Christmas range (I currently have my eye on the cranberry face mask!)

What’s your favourite bath product for an indulgent night it?



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