George Autumn Homeware Wishlist – 2017

George Home is one of my favourite places to pick up homeware items- they frequently have some awesome, quirky pieces that would not look out of place in Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Next or John Lewis but cost a fraction of the price they’d charge! Which means it is far cheaper place to go if you want to do some seasonal decoration.

Autumn/Winter are my favourite seasons, particularly for decorating. I love the warm cosy feel of snuggling up under blankets by candlelight with a good book- dare I say it’s the perfect hygge feeling! The items I’ve picked are perfect for a cosy autumn makeover- with plenty of copper and white!

George already had Christmas items online- so I had to restrain myself. But if you are a fan of quirky/kitsch items (or like dinosaurs!) I’d highly recommend giving them a look.

  1. George Home Copper Moscow Mule Mugs – Set of 2 (£8)

I’ve wanted a set of copper Moscow mule mugs for a while, and these are perfect! I’ve even seen this much being charged for one mug elsewhere previously. I love copper, and they’d be perfect for mulled wine or hot chocolate with mountains of cream as we get closer to christmas! I think they’d be great to make a DIY gift for a couple- paired with their favourite Christmas drink and snack!

  1. Raccoon Slipper Socks (£7)

A cosy pair of slippers are the best, and even better if they have a cute face on! These raccoon slippers are adorable, and look super cosy- they even have a fleece lining which is perfect to keep your feet toasty on chilly evenings.

  1. Marble Print Mini Cushion (£5)

I’ve looked at this cushion a few times in real life, and really like it. It’s a pretty small cushion so it’s definitely more decorative than functional but that’s not always a bad thing. It’s such a cool pattern, and I love the marble and gold look.

  1. Copper-effect Bell Jar Lamp (£30)

More copper! I think that copper adds such a warm glow to a home, particularly copper lighting.  This is an awesome quirky light, and I love the steampunk vibe it’s giving off- I used to be really into the steampunk look, and even did several school projects on it! Although it’s not a look I’ve got going on in the place I live now, this would also be perfect for a modern or loft look. I really don’t need any more lights- as I’ve got nowhere to put them, but this one is just too cool to not wish for.

  1. Brushed Cotton Reversible Camping Bears Duvet Cover (£17)

I think this is my favourite item on the list. I love it so much. I’m a great fan of Georges bedding- it’s soft, washes well and has the cutest designs. My last couple of Christmas bedding sets came from George, and on the bed currently I have their awesome wizard cats design! This bedding is brushed cotton so perfect for a cosy bedroom, and also has the best ever design- of camping bears! I love the cartoon We Bare Bears, and the anime Polar Bear Café- so really I can’t imagine a cooler bedding than this! Hoping I see this to pick it up!

  1. 2-Pack Small LED Pillar Candles – Vanilla (£4)

These are pretty standard LED Candles, but I love the idea of a cosy glow, without the risk of candles- particularly if they were used in a bedroom. These are vanilla fragranced, which I haven’t seen before and think the idea sounds lovely!

  1. Speaker Ornament (£12)

This is such a cool ornament, and it is also supposed to amplify your phone! Once again, it’s copper! I love the idea of this, and it’d be perfect as part of a low tech chillout- with just your phone for music, and depending on how well it works I like the idea of using it outside, or when Glamping! It’s a great quirky piece that I can imagine being sold at Urban Outfitters or similar.

  1. George Home Natural Blonde Faux Fur Throw (£30)

I’m very strongly of the belief that you need blankets for a cosy home- preferably a number of them. And I’m particularly fond of faux fur throws- so soft to cuddle up in! I really love the colour of this throw, and it would look perfect at the end of the bed, or over the arm of the sofa.

Any of these items would (in my mind) also be great as a Christmas present if you want to get a head start- I know I would certainly would be thrilled with any of them!

George Autumn Homeware Wishlist

Asda home wishlist

I don’t know quite when it happened but George’s homeware range has become rather fantastic! There were so many items that I liked that I found it hard to choose just seven to put on my wish list. I also found tons of great Winter/Christmas items, but thought that might be a little too early… Maybe in a month or two! Many of the items on my list would not look out of place at M&S, Next or John Lewis but they are available at Asda for a fraction of the price they would cost elsewhere. I would love to have a shopping spree in their homeware section!

1. George Home Chalk Globe (£15)

I think this chalkboard globe is really cool! I love the copper and chalkboard combo and feel like this item looks like something from Anthropologie or the like. There are several things I thought would be cool to do with this; write places I’d like to go, places that are special or significant to me or just a big old heart with home written in the centre!

2. George Home Shine Like The Stars Cushion (£7)

Yep more copper! If like me you are a fan of copper check out George’s selection as there were quite a few copper items. I love the simplicity of this cushion, and the contrast between the matt grey and shiny copper. I also think the phrase is sweet.

3. George Home White Faux Fur Throw (£30)

I love this faux fur throw! I have a brown faux fur throw from IKEA that I adore; it is so warm and great to snuggle up in. However I have to choose whether to have it in my living room or bedroom. If I had this throw I wouldn’t have to choose! It would look great slung over the back of a sofa or laid at the bottom of the bed.

4. George Home Photographic Stag Duvet Set – Double (£15)

I really want to get some more autumnal bedding as most of my bedding is quite bright and colourful- I would like more muted tones for the autumn months. I think the stags printed on this look awesome. It looks like a perfect autumn scene, with the stag, crisp orange leaves on the ground and fog in the background. I have a white bedframe so the bedding  would have no other colours to compete with.

5. George Home Love Hanging Sign (£7)

I have a weakness for The Beatles, due to having grown up listening to their music through my dad. I also really enjoyed the film ‘Across the Universe’ which my boyfriend introduced me to. It is also a great phrase and song.  So yeah, those are the main reasons I want this! I like the font used, and the bright white and it would look great on my bookcase or on my headboard.

6. George Home Letter G Mug (£2.50)

I also have a weakness for monogrammed items and mugs! This looks like a lovely shape mug, and I think it is simple and perfect. I would love a selection of them for all my favourite people! The price is also fantastic, and I don’t think it would be possible to find a better one cheaper. They have all the letters!

7. Cosimax Hottie Pom Pom Hot Water Bottle (£5)

This is here because autumn gets cold. And so do my feet. When the weather starts getting chilly I love having a hot water bottle at the bottom of my bed to keep my feet toasty! I think the pom poms around the edge are adorable, and I like that it says Hottie! It’s so sweet, and would make a great gift as well.

I was thinking about doing a similar wishlist for Wilko, so let me know if this is something you would like!

Do you have any unexpected homeware sources?