Origins Rest and Recharge Gift Set Review

Origins Set

Origins has always been a brand that I really wanted to try, particularly after seeing glowing reviews for their products on blogs and seeing them show up frequently in peoples favourites videos. Other than trying out a couple of their facemasks in the last couple of months (thanks to the rather awesome pods they have) I had never tried any of their range.

There was one major reason for this- price. Origins is fairly expensive in my mind, and I don’t tend to like spending say £20 on a face cream if I am not sure whether it will work for me. However since I started working full time I decided that this was a good way to treat myself! And also treat my skin- as I am sometimes a bit neglectful of it.

I then dithered for a few weeks about which product I wanted to try. In the end I was convinced by the bargain angle- As Origins had a handy ‘Rest and Recharge’ gift set that would allow me to try out four different products! For £35 this seemed like a good deal, particularly as it includes a full size night cream which costs £35.

It arrived with free delivery from Origins, which was handy as I haven’t noticed this set in my local John Lewis or Boots. It also came with a couple of free sample sachets, which I got to choose from a few available. It arrived in a nice box which I quickly disposed of, but feel is worth mentioning in case anyone wanted to give it as a gift!

The set contains four items as follows;

  • Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (50ml)
  • Vitazing SPF 15 Moisturiser (30ml)
  •  Night-A-Mins Renewal Cream (50ml – Full Size!)
  •  GinZeng Eye Cream (5ml)

These items are all decent sized, and none feel like a sample size! Well, except for maybe the eye cream based on the size- but as the full size is only 15ml it is still very reasonable.

Since I bought this set a few weeks ago and have been using most of the items daily I feel that I can give my thoughts on them!

Origins Overnight Mask

First up is the Drink Up Overnight Mask. I really like this mask, although I feel that cream would be a more accurate description for it as that is what it feels like on the skin, and how I apply it. I have been using it a couple of times a week and I feel that my skin is more moisturised and softer when I wake up. I was particularly happy to have a decently sized version of this mask!

Origins Vitazing

Next is Vitazing, which feels nice on the skin and applies very smoothly. It also has a SPF of 15, which I like. However I am unsure whether I would purchase this separately from the set as it has a sheer tint release which I think is just a tad too dark for my skin- although not unwearable, and unnoticeable to the people I have asked! For people who don’t have to pick the palest foundation they can find, it would probably work well but for me I feel that this moisturizer would look better if I managed to get a slight tan!

Origins Night a Mins

The Night-A-Mins cream is very pleasant to use. It has a nice, thick and creamy texture that applies well to the skin and sinks in nicely without feeling greasy or sticky. It also smells pleasant and I feel that my skin looks and feels better since I have started using it (although I have also started using a new face wash and day cream at the same time so can’t promise it is all due to this cream!) This is also a full size item, so is worth getting the set for if you fancy trying it- as you’d basically be getting everything else for free!

Origins Eye Cream

Finally is the GinZeng Eye Cream. I like this cream as it feels lovely on the skin and moisturises well. I would however say that it does not reduce dark circles for me- although mine are pretty prominent, and I haven’t really found anything that gets rid of them. I don’t find that I have bags or puffiness when using this cream, but neither did I really notice any prior to using it! So I would say that this is good as a moisturiser, but I can’t really comment on its extra benefits, although I do like the slight sheen to help brighten the under eye area.

My final thoughts on the set is that it is a great introduction to try out Origins, and also good if you are looking to shake up your skincare routine as it gives you plenty of products to try out. I have enjoyed using all the products, and feel that they do make my skin look and feel better. It definitely makes me want to try more products from Origins- and in fact the sample I received with my order led to me making a full size purchase!

I’d love to hear any suggestions for people’s favourite products from Origins!

Korean Mask Haul

Korea Haul Together

I decided to do another order from the ebay shop iamlove-shop.

This was mainly because I wanted another of the Baby Silky Foot masks, so that my boyfriend and I could try them out together- the review for that will be up soon. I then got tempted by other items!

The items actually arrived really quickly this time- much quicker than last time; they arrived within a week or so of ordering. This seemed exceptionally fast considering that the items were from Korea. They may vary in delivery time however, as my last order took a few weeks.

The items arrived perfectly packaged again, and with a variety of free samples. Based on the two orders I have made, both have arrived packaged in a box so I don’t think that they necessarily send parcels that would fit through a letterbox.

It was a full on mask selection this time! I really love the packaging for these items, they’re so cute.

Foot Peeling Mask

Firstly there is the Baby Silky Foot Peeling Mask by Holika Holika, this was ordered so that we had two, and my boyfriend and I could try them at the same time.

Tea tree sheet mask juicy

The Juicy Mask Sheet in Tea Tree by Holika Holika is also for the boy, we were looking through masks and he liked the look of this one due to liking tea tree. I have to say that based on the packaging I am a little jealous I didn’t get one.

Before Work Mask

I got the Before go to Work mask by Holika Holika because I liked the previous sheet masks I tried in this range, and I wanted to try another one. They come in a pack of three which seems like great value. They have a section on the back where you can write who they are for, so I think they would make great stocking fillers! I chose the before work mask fairly randomly as I couldn’t chose between them- mostly based on the picture.

Lip Mask

I got the Cherry Lip Gel Patch by Etude House because I have seen it online and it looked interesting! It is a giant lip patch that you stick over your lips to help with dry, chapped or sore lips. I get horribly chapped lips in winter so thought it would be worth getting one and saving it for when my lips get really bad. It has the side effect of looking vaguely terrifying whilst on, which I am looking forward to taking pictures of when I try it.

Piggy Bubble Mask

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask.  I really wanted to try this after seeing reviews for it online. I like clay masks, and the idea of one that bubbles sounded fascinating. I have tried this mask once, and found application and removal a little difficult but hopefully now that I have tried it I will be better at applying it when I take pictures to review! I like that it comes with a spatula so that you don’t have to poke your fingers in the pot. It is unlike any other mask I have tried.


Finally here’s a picture of the free samples, and free blotting paper that came with my items. I enjoy receiving free samples as it is a great way to try out products you haven’t heard of!

This was a very mask based post. I’d love to hear any masks you’d recommend- Korean or otherwise!

The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask

Warming Mask Body Shop

I picked up this warming mineral mask by The Body Shop when I required a third item on a 3 for 2 offer, I chose this because it was near the till and because I liked the idea of a warming mask- having liked the Montagne Jeunesse hot chocolate masks in the past.

I got this in the summer, and have been enjoying using it. It seems to last for quite a few applications which is good, and makes the initial price of the mask more reasonable. Now that the weather is colder I am particularly enjoying using it, due to the warming sensation when you apply it.

Warming Mask on face

You apply this mask after cleansing, apply it to a wet face (avoiding eye and lip areas) leave it on for five minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Also try to avoid getting it in your hair and eyebrows like I did!

I like how quick a mask it is and how nice it makes my skin feel in a mere five minutes. It is quick enough to use in the morning before you have to go out, so not just a mask for a pamper day like others I have used. However the warming effect means it is also great to use as part of a spa evening at home!

It makes my skin feel so clean and soft, and the smell of the mask is lovely!

Warming Mask on hand

The texture of the mask is fairly thick, almost paste like. I find it pretty easy to smooth over wet skin, although applying a thick layer can be a little difficult.

The mask doesn’t harden, which makes it much easier to remove compared to other clay masks- which can set fairly solid! I have sensitive skin that gets dry easily and this mask works well for me, my boyfriend also likes the mask when he uses it- and he has oily/combination skin so I would recommend this mask for different skin types. Obviously if you could try a sample before committing to the full size it would be even better!

It costs £11 which is reasonable for the amount of uses that you can get from the mask. I would repurchase this once I have finished it.

Do you have any recommendations for face masks?