Christmas Bedding!


I am really impressed by the Christmas bedding range at Asda/George, the designs are lovely and they have something to suit all tastes (I had a hard time choosing which set to get).

I ended up buying the Christmas Cheer Village bedding, which is so sweet and I love the mix of colours. It is covered in tiny colourful houses and little trees, but the cuteness doesn’t stop there! The inside of the bedding has multicoloured dots on, and I really love it! Forgive the creased bedding- I don’t have an iron or the will power to iron bedding!

I was very impressed by the quality of the bedding. It is actually very soft material with poppers at the bottom. For £12 (for a double bed) I don’t think I could be any happier with this! In fact prior to this I was looking at far more expensive bedding, and I vastly prefer the look of this bedding.


To go with this bedding my mum bought me the Christmas cushion of my dreams- the tapestry car cushion. It is gorgeous, and I feel looks much more expensive than the £6 it cost. It wouldn’t look out of place in John Lewis or M&S. I really love how this cushion looks- it is so pretty with the snow and the car and tree… Perfect for Christmas!


I am also using and loving the Cosimax hot water bottle I mentioned in a George home wishlist! The colours match superbly with the bedding and the pom poms are adorable. The hot water bottle also works really well, it stays warm for ages and is perfect to keep your toes warm when it is cold outside. It is a bargain for £5 I think!

At the bottom of my bed I just have a thick red blanket that I picked up from Threadless, which ties well with the bedding and just adds a layer of warmth to the bottom of the bed.


So here is my Christmas Bedding! I am really happy with it and it is making me feel very festive. If you are in need of Christmas Bedding I’d check Asda out- I kinda wish I had another bedroom so I had an excuse to buy another set!

Do you have Christmas Bedding?

Adventure Time Christmas Stockings

Adventure Time Stockings

Are you a fan of Adventure Time? If you haven’t seen it you should give it a go. It is an awesome cartoon about the adventures of Finn the Human Boy and Jake the Dog. Like many kids shows it has themes and jokes which are  not just for kids (or would go above most kids heads!). Personally I think it is a show for everybody- I got my dad and boyfriend into it as well.

One of my favourite episodes of Adventure Time is Bad Little Boy, which takes place in the gender swapped land first appearing in the episode Fionna and Cake. I love the characters Fionna and Marshall Lee, so much so that at an MCM Expo a couple of years ago my boyfriend and I cosplayed them.

Marshall Lee Fionna Cosplay

I was very into putting together the outfits, and I made a plush Hambo and my hat. (Would not recommend full face/neck/hand paint however. Made it difficult for the boy to do anything! And I had to wake up super early to paint him.)

It therefore seems quite fitting that when I wanted to make a new Christmas stocking for my boyfriend (as the one I made a few years ago wasn’t lined and is  too narrow to stuff full of goodies) I decided upon a Marshall Lee themed one. And once I decided on that it seemed a logical step to make myself one based on Fionna! Apologies for anybody who thinks it is too early to be talking about Christmas- I waited util after Halloween!

I got my stocking tutorial from the blog sewlikemymom it has the perfect shape that I wanted, complete with a lining and cuff and it has a free pattern to download so check it out.

This should be a fairly quick stocking to make if you have a sewing machine. I do not, so these two took me quite a while as I am not the quickest at sewing. Even if you are super slow like me there is still plenty of time to make one before Christmas.

Make sure you have an iron/ ironing board available to keep the stocking neat and crease free whilst working on it, I borrowed my mums!

I bought my fabric from John Lewis-basing my choice on fabrics I thought suited the characters and would not be too difficult to sew.  The felt for the two finger puppets I bought from the Ebay store paper-and-string.

I used a check red and black fabric for Marshall Lee, as it looks like his shirt, and a blue starry fabric for Fionna. Originally I wanted a plain blue fabric but plans change- there were no ideal fabrics in John Lewis, and I decided I  liked the stars!

To make the stockings matching (so that we could have cute couples stockings!) I used the other fabric for the accents on the stockings, namely the cuff and pocket.


To begin with I made some finger puppets, using the Adventure Time Crafts book. If you don’t have it just make up your own template based on pictures of the character and make it out of felt- I have done so previously for Christmas decorations. As I had been bought the book as a present I felt I should use it and its templates, and make some puppets! (The book has several more characters and a puppet theatre, it’s very adorable.)

I cut out the pieces using a tiny set of scissors and sewed on the faces and bite marks using thick thread. The main body for both were sewn together using a blanket stitch, and the other pieces were glued on using craft glue, but if you had the time and inclination sewing them on would also work well.

Fionna Marshall Lee Puppet Back

I made the pockets for the puppets very simply, basically I took two square of fabric, sewed them together with their design facing inward, leaving a space unsewn to turn them through. I then sewed up the space and ironed them flat, before eyeballing where to put them on the stocking and sewing them on at the sides and bottom. What I liked about doing it this way it that it means they are lined and a little more substantial than a single piece of fabric. The inside of the pocket matches the stockings!


I lined the stockings with some fleece (leftover from making my Fionna hat!) which worked really well, although it was quite thick to sew through. I love it however as it is so soft and snuggly feeling inside- it will be a real pleasure to use as a stocking.

Inside Stocking Fleece

The great thing about the cuff on this stocking is that it can be turned up if you need extra room, although you won’t be able to use the ribbon for hanging.

A lesson I learnt from the first stocking is to make sure your loop of ribbon goes inside the pieces once you have pinned them together, I accidently put it the wrong way round- leaving the stocking with rough edges of ribbon and no loop once turned the right way. Other than that, check out the tutorial I linked, I found it simple to follow- if you have a sewing machine you could probably make a few in a day! They would be great personalised gifts, and if you don’t fancy Adventure Time just choose your own theme.

I’m not quite sure where I’ll put these up once Christmas period rolls around, wish I had a fireplace and mantelpiece! But I will post some pictures of them up once we have decorated for Christmas.

I am really pleased with these Marshall Lee/ Fionna Stockings!

If anybody has any questions about the stockings, or would like any more pictures just let me know.

I’d love to hear about any crafty projects people have been getting up to (or are planning to do) for Christmas!

My Top 5 Board/Card Games for Couples (and more)

Board Game Tower

Now that the clocks have gone back the nights are getting darker earlier. There has never been a better time to stay in and play board games whilst snuggled up under a blanket with a hot drink! My boyfriend and I love board and card games, although frequently there are only two of us playing- which makes finding a game that works well with two players fairly difficult. We did a lot of research into games that were recommended as being good for couples (as well as being lured by the art for a couple of games!) I figured that other people may have the same issue, so here is my top five games for playing as a couple (ignoring the old time favourites such as monopoly and scrabble!) Aside from the Lord of the Rings game they all also work really well for more people- great for a games night!

Love Letter

Love Letter

Love Letter is a great little card game with a great price- we got our copy for £7.99 from amazon and you can sometimes find it cheaper. It is a game of luck, risk and deduction where you are a suitor who has fallen helplessly in love with a princess and using allies from the castles servants you must try deliver your letter to the princess. It is a simple game that is quick to learn, and rounds are quick so it is great to pick up for a speedy game. I love the art on our edition, and they have several other editions as well- even some branded editions such as Batman and Adventure Time (Which I have my eye on!) It comes in a small box which is great for travel, or is also available in a drawstring bag.

Lord of The Rings the confrontation

Lord of the Rings the Confrontation

We picked this up on Ebay, and it is the only game on the list which is strictly for two players. In this board game you play as either the Light or the Dark characters. Each player controls 9 characters- examples of the light side include Aragorn and Frodo and the dark side includes Sauron and Shelob. You win by moving Frodo into Mordor (light) or by killing Frodo/moving 3 Evil characters into the Shire (dark). There is a new deluxe edition available but we picked this up because it was cheaper! I love Lord of The Rings, so was lured to this game and it is great fun. Warning- may cause arguments!

Epic Spell Wars

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfrye

This card game is great fun and can be played with 2 to 6 players- so a great upscaler for a games night! It is a tad more mature than the other games in that it is rated for people 15 and over- probably due to the rather violent game art and crude spell names. The point of this game is to be the Last Wizard Standing, and this is done by combining spell cards into combos- when you are ready to play the card you read it out, and put the effects into motion. It is a hilarious game that will make you laugh out loud (The spell in the picture is Professor Presto’s Mysterious Bedazzlement if you were wondering!) It is great for playing with more than two- we have played it with my parents and they loved it! The only problem with this game is that it has gone out of print so getting hold of it can be difficult and expensive. The boyfriend found this on Ebay and had it shipped from America. Definitely worth playing if you can get your hands on it however.

Ticket To Ride Europe

Ticket to Ride Europe

Ticket to Ride Europe is a really fun board game, and I find it really cute due to the fact that you build routes using tiny train carriages! The game is simple and quick to learn and great fun. There is an original version set in America however we chose the Europe version which is set in 1900s Europe and it is brilliant. The point of the game is to build routes across Europe earning points as you go. You collect train cards in the correct colours for the routes you wish to take, and then spend them to get train carriages. You can either match to route cards or just go where you want. It is a great game to play as a couple or with more people and I love the art style- the game board is lovely!

Small World

Small World

Small World is a great civilisation board game, and what I particularly like about it is that it has different game boards depending on the number of players- so if you have two players you have a different board compared to if you had more. This is great for keeping the intended cramped feeling of the board where you have to fight to conquer and control a board that is too small for all the races. It is suitable for 2-5 players although there are expansions so that you can play with more. What I love about the game is how it plays differently each time. There are different races and powers that combine (such as Wealthy Halflings) and you have to choose carefully to have the best chance of winning. You win by the having the most coins at the end- which is kept secret so you don’t know who has won until the final count. There are loads of expansions for this game, which is good for keeping it interesting but honestly the base game has more than enough content to replay it again and again.

So here are my top five board/card games- although there are also other great ones! I may do another post in the future with more suggestions as I think that games are a brilliant way to spend time with your partner or friends/family and also a great way to have a break from technology!

I’d love to hear suggestions for other games I may have missed out on!

George Autumn Homeware Wishlist

Asda home wishlist

I don’t know quite when it happened but George’s homeware range has become rather fantastic! There were so many items that I liked that I found it hard to choose just seven to put on my wish list. I also found tons of great Winter/Christmas items, but thought that might be a little too early… Maybe in a month or two! Many of the items on my list would not look out of place at M&S, Next or John Lewis but they are available at Asda for a fraction of the price they would cost elsewhere. I would love to have a shopping spree in their homeware section!

1. George Home Chalk Globe (£15)

I think this chalkboard globe is really cool! I love the copper and chalkboard combo and feel like this item looks like something from Anthropologie or the like. There are several things I thought would be cool to do with this; write places I’d like to go, places that are special or significant to me or just a big old heart with home written in the centre!

2. George Home Shine Like The Stars Cushion (£7)

Yep more copper! If like me you are a fan of copper check out George’s selection as there were quite a few copper items. I love the simplicity of this cushion, and the contrast between the matt grey and shiny copper. I also think the phrase is sweet.

3. George Home White Faux Fur Throw (£30)

I love this faux fur throw! I have a brown faux fur throw from IKEA that I adore; it is so warm and great to snuggle up in. However I have to choose whether to have it in my living room or bedroom. If I had this throw I wouldn’t have to choose! It would look great slung over the back of a sofa or laid at the bottom of the bed.

4. George Home Photographic Stag Duvet Set – Double (£15)

I really want to get some more autumnal bedding as most of my bedding is quite bright and colourful- I would like more muted tones for the autumn months. I think the stags printed on this look awesome. It looks like a perfect autumn scene, with the stag, crisp orange leaves on the ground and fog in the background. I have a white bedframe so the bedding  would have no other colours to compete with.

5. George Home Love Hanging Sign (£7)

I have a weakness for The Beatles, due to having grown up listening to their music through my dad. I also really enjoyed the film ‘Across the Universe’ which my boyfriend introduced me to. It is also a great phrase and song.  So yeah, those are the main reasons I want this! I like the font used, and the bright white and it would look great on my bookcase or on my headboard.

6. George Home Letter G Mug (£2.50)

I also have a weakness for monogrammed items and mugs! This looks like a lovely shape mug, and I think it is simple and perfect. I would love a selection of them for all my favourite people! The price is also fantastic, and I don’t think it would be possible to find a better one cheaper. They have all the letters!

7. Cosimax Hottie Pom Pom Hot Water Bottle (£5)

This is here because autumn gets cold. And so do my feet. When the weather starts getting chilly I love having a hot water bottle at the bottom of my bed to keep my feet toasty! I think the pom poms around the edge are adorable, and I like that it says Hottie! It’s so sweet, and would make a great gift as well.

I was thinking about doing a similar wishlist for Wilko, so let me know if this is something you would like!

Do you have any unexpected homeware sources?