George Autumn Homeware Wishlist

Asda home wishlist

I don’t know quite when it happened but George’s homeware range has become rather fantastic! There were so many items that I liked that I found it hard to choose just seven to put on my wish list. I also found tons of great Winter/Christmas items, but thought that might be a little too early… Maybe in a month or two! Many of the items on my list would not look out of place at M&S, Next or John Lewis but they are available at Asda for a fraction of the price they would cost elsewhere. I would love to have a shopping spree in their homeware section!

1. George Home Chalk Globe (£15)

I think this chalkboard globe is really cool! I love the copper and chalkboard combo and feel like this item looks like something from Anthropologie or the like. There are several things I thought would be cool to do with this; write places I’d like to go, places that are special or significant to me or just a big old heart with home written in the centre!

2. George Home Shine Like The Stars Cushion (£7)

Yep more copper! If like me you are a fan of copper check out George’s selection as there were quite a few copper items. I love the simplicity of this cushion, and the contrast between the matt grey and shiny copper. I also think the phrase is sweet.

3. George Home White Faux Fur Throw (£30)

I love this faux fur throw! I have a brown faux fur throw from IKEA that I adore; it is so warm and great to snuggle up in. However I have to choose whether to have it in my living room or bedroom. If I had this throw I wouldn’t have to choose! It would look great slung over the back of a sofa or laid at the bottom of the bed.

4. George Home Photographic Stag Duvet Set – Double (£15)

I really want to get some more autumnal bedding as most of my bedding is quite bright and colourful- I would like more muted tones for the autumn months. I think the stags printed on this look awesome. It looks like a perfect autumn scene, with the stag, crisp orange leaves on the ground and fog in the background. I have a white bedframe so the bedding  would have no other colours to compete with.

5. George Home Love Hanging Sign (£7)

I have a weakness for The Beatles, due to having grown up listening to their music through my dad. I also really enjoyed the film ‘Across the Universe’ which my boyfriend introduced me to. It is also a great phrase and song.  So yeah, those are the main reasons I want this! I like the font used, and the bright white and it would look great on my bookcase or on my headboard.

6. George Home Letter G Mug (£2.50)

I also have a weakness for monogrammed items and mugs! This looks like a lovely shape mug, and I think it is simple and perfect. I would love a selection of them for all my favourite people! The price is also fantastic, and I don’t think it would be possible to find a better one cheaper. They have all the letters!

7. Cosimax Hottie Pom Pom Hot Water Bottle (£5)

This is here because autumn gets cold. And so do my feet. When the weather starts getting chilly I love having a hot water bottle at the bottom of my bed to keep my feet toasty! I think the pom poms around the edge are adorable, and I like that it says Hottie! It’s so sweet, and would make a great gift as well.

I was thinking about doing a similar wishlist for Wilko, so let me know if this is something you would like!

Do you have any unexpected homeware sources?