L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask Review

I’ve been a fan of the L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Masks since my mum bought me the Purity Mask for my birthday. As such I was excited to see the recent new releases- a Blemish Rescue Mask, and a Bright Face Mask. I picked up both whilst they were on offer for £5.99, but as my skin has been acting up a bit recently I’ve been reaching for the Blemish Rescue Mask most often!

To start with, I really like the packaging for the masks; they look and feel a lot more expensive than they are, with a hefty glass jar packaged inside a well thought out box. The glass jar makes it easy to keep an eye on how much you have left- although as it doesn’t take much to coat your face, and the packaging says it will do 10 applications (I’m guessing very generous ones!) I haven’t felt like I have to be sparing with it.

My preferred way to apply the mask is with an old foundation brush that I requisitioned to use with face masks- as this prevents wasting product by having it on my fingers, or from making an unnecessary mess. It applies beautifully in this way, as it is a very smooth formula that spreads easily on the skin. After leaving it until dry (usually around 10 minutes) I also find it very easy to remove with lukewarm water, and unlike some other masks I don’t feel like I need to scrub my face to remove all traces of it. Although I’d recommend tying your hair back as it is a little harder to remove from hair! (And gives me an excuse to wear my favourite cat ear headband!)

I like all of the L’Oréal Pure Clay Masks I have tried, but I admit that I have a particular weakness for this one due to the colour- it’s a brilliant bright blue, and is perfect for an impromptu Smurf dress up in your bathroom… Maybe not a traditional use for a mask, but entertaining whilst it is drying!

After removing the mask, my skin feels much fresher and it does seem to help clear imperfections. I’d recommend it for when your skin is acting up, or has more blemishes than usual. My skin is generally pretty well behaved, but when it acts up this is a great way to try kick it back into order. It helps to mattify the skin, and I feel it is a great addition to my skincare regime- and a lovely treat to use on a weekend afternoon.

Overall I would highly recommend this mask, particularly when it is on offer! You get a lot of uses for your money, and it feels lovely on the skin. It’s got great packaging, and for the price, I don’t think the mask could be much better! I also like to use a few of the L’Oréal masks on different sections of my skin as a multi mask- which can both help tailor the mask’s properties to what your skin needs, and is fun when you have an amazing pattern on your face due to the various mask colours.

I really enjoy trying out different face masks, both to keep my skin in good condition and because I feel like it is a lovely way to pamper yourself at the weekend, or after a tiring day- my rule is you can’t do anything but chill/ read whilst the mask is drying…

I’d love to hear any recommendations for masks you have found particularly good!

GOSH BB Cream in 01 Sand and Lumi Drops in 002 Vanilla Review

I picked up a couple of items, by the new to me brand ‘GOSH’ a few months ago and after using them for a while I feel ready to give my thoughts! I got the GOSH BB Cream in 01 Sand and the GOSH Lumi Drops in 002 Vanilla- both of which I have seen online as suggestions for those with pale skin so I was eager to give them a go.

Prior to purchasing the GOSH BB Cream, I read a fair amount of reviews online. I’ve got pretty pale skin, so after seeing quite a few positive reviews I decided to give it a try. I’d previously never tried a BB Cream- as I had issues with only finding those which were far too dark, but I was curious to try out a product that combined Foundation, Primer and Moisturiser! It’s a pretty thin and liquid consistency but seems to cover fairly well- although as you can see blemishes are still visible with a light layer. However it did a decent job of covering the dark patches around my eyes, and definitely helped to even out my skin tone.

To apply, I have used brushes, makeup sponges and most recently my new silicone sponge and with everything I have tried, it blended in fairly easily. The colour isn’t too yellow or pink toned, and this is perfect for lazy days when I don’t fancy the whole moisturiser, primer, foundation routine- although admittedly if I wanted my skin to appear more flawless I’d want to couple it with a good concealer! I’m definitely glad I picked this up, and when it runs out, I’m sure I’ll pick it up again.  It’s a great single step item. Due to this I love it when I go travelling, I took it on my last two holidays and it was small enough to not take up much of my liquid allowance whilst making my makeup routine super speedy so I could spend more time enjoying the sights! For £9.99 I’d definitely recommend giving it a go- and as they stock it in Superdrug you may even be able to find it on an offer.

I also picked up the GOSH Lumi Drops in 002 Vanilla. I like to use it in one of two ways- either on its own as a highlighter, or mixed with the BB Cream (or a foundation) to give a more luminous glow to your skin. I find that it gives a quite subtle look when worn as a highlighter- as seen in the picture but it’s perfect when I am going for a natural makeup look.

What I really like about the Lumi drops is that it isn’t a glittery formula, and instead just seems to give my face a glow! This is the palest shade in the range, and it is really pretty looking on the skin. You get a lot for such a small bottle- which once again makes it perfect for travelling!  It’s also well packaged- as it has a small opening which means a lower risk of squeezing out far too much! I’d highly recommend giving it a go, and I found it the perfect shade for my skin tone. For £7.99 I think it is a bargain, and as someone fairly new to highlighters I have found it a brilliant introduction.

I’d really recommend both of these products- and I was happy that both worked well for my fairly pale skin, so definitely one to look out for if you struggle to find pale enough products!

After trying out these two products, I definitely want to try out more by GOSH – so please feel free to share any recommendations of products you have discovered.

Too Faced Melted Metal Lipstick- First Impressions and Swatches

Too Faced is a brand I frequently see online, and one that I often eye up- particularly their gorgeous palettes! I had never tried any of their products as there aren’t any stores where I live that sell them, and because they are fairly expensive to buy on a whim.

However when I was in TK Maxx in London recently, I spotted that they had some of the Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks for £4.99 each- given that they retail for £19.00 in Debenhams this seemed like too good a deal to pass up… After doing the usual TK Maxx check (ensuring that nobody has already tried out the product!) I was able to find four different lipsticks, all new and in perfect condition.

I really like the packaging for these products, and they both look and feel good quality. I love the gold lids, and find the applicator tip on the lipstick simple to use- it really makes it quick and easy to apply accurately.

I picked up the following colours; Melted Metallic Bunny, Melted Metallic Macaron, Melted Metallic Violet and Melted Metallic Jelly.

I was quite surprised by the consistency of the lipstick, as it is more liquid than I expected and there was some variation between the colours- for instance I found that Violet was far oilier, and therefore less pigmented than the other colours.

I was really happy with the colours, and how wearable they are- as the packaging looks like they will be really bright. I don’t generally wear lipstick as I feel a bit self-conscious in it, but these are surprisingly easy to wear. I’ve got fairly pigmented lips naturally- so did feel that my own lip colour showed through on the more opaque lipsticks.

My favourites of the four are Macaron and Jelly- which are the most pigmented and give the most vivid look on my lips. I found that the Bunny and Violet were a little runnier and therefore struggled to give as thick and even a layer, and had a tendency to look spottier (and more like a straight gloss).  As I have used Bunny more, it does seem to be becoming a more workable texture so it’s possible that this will also happen with the Violet lipstick. Macaron and Jelly were a much better texture right from the beginning- so are currently my favourites!

I’d highly recommend picking up the lipsticks for the price that I paid- for £4.99 you can’t really go wrong! But at the RRP, it’d be worth swatching them first to check the colour and the texture. I also found that on my lips they looked pretty different to the swatches so keep that in mind.  I’d definitely suggest keeping an eye out at TK Maxx for bargains such as these- although I’ve sadly never spotted them in my local store!

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and Moisture Balancing Conditioner Review

Last Christmas I was lucky enough to receive my first large pot of Elasticizer (150ml) as part of a set that also included Shampoo, Conditioner and some hair styling products. It was Elastizer that stuck out in particular, and I used every fraction of that pot! In what I would call remarkably good value, it actually lasted me up until a couple of weeks ago- using it every few weeks, or more frequently when I had the time to let it sit on my hair! As my hair is fairly long, I found this pretty damn impressive.

Given this, when I noticed that Look Fantastic had 15% off Philip Kingsley, there was no way I could resist replenishing my stock- particularly as my Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Conditioner had also just run out (after lasting an impressive 6 or so months).

Previously I’ve only tried the original Elasticizer, but when I noticed the Geranium & Neroli version was available as a 500ml version I thought it would be interesting to try! It does smell fantastic, and is very pleasant to use (and the packaging is just gorgeous!)- but if it hadn’t been the same price as the regular elasticizer, I probably wouldn’t have paid extra for the scent, as the main thing I care about is the effects!

I picked up two items, the Geranium and Neroli Elasticizer (500ml) and the Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Conditioner– which I got in a massive 1000ml size, both should be enough to last for about a year or more, given how long the smaller bottles lasted me.

Now these two items (which I usually use with the Infuse My Colour Wash in Copper) have been a godsend for my hair, particularly as it’s been getting longer. I’ve had really long hair a couple of times in my life, and the main reason that I’ve cut it (other than being bored of it!) is how annoying it becomes to maintain. My hair tangles easily and brushing it out used to be a cause of many tears- both when I was very young, and when I got older as well.

However Elasticizer and the conditioner has made my hair so much easier to look after. Although it hasn’t turned me into a hair styling wizard (to be honest I don’t think anything could) it has given me soft, smooth and shiny hair which hardly knots or tangles and is so much simpler to brush out- and puts me in a previously unheard of state of being able to skip brushing my hair for a day, and not have to worry about losing half of it to the hairbrush the next. My hair also seems to dry quicker (although I don’t know why), and I no longer need to worry about enlisting help to brush it, or having to braid it before going to sleep and neither product weighs my hair down, or makes it feel greasy.

For the Elasticizer, I just wet my hair, put a couple of pumps throughout all my hair and then put it up in a shower cap (so glamorous!!) for an hour or two- or as long as I can! And the conditioner I just use on the length and ends of my hair after shampooing- easy.

To be honest, the only negative I have for these two products is the price. And I will admit that they are not cheap. I bought the big sizes as you get a ton more product for the price compared to the smaller bottles (on Look Fantastic the current price for the 1000ml Conditioner is £48.50, and for the Elasticizer is £66) and because of the handy pumps- far more convenient than sticking a wet hand into a pot of Elasticizer! I also have enough confidence in these products after using them for the last 6 months to not feel like I will want to change what I am using anytime soon-which is good given how much I have!

Overall I highly recommend these two products, particularly for people like me who have fairly fine hair, but quite a lot of it. These two products have made my hair vastly easier to deal with, and now I can actually enjoy having longer hair- without spending so much time worrying about how long it will take to get out the knots if I leave it down…

Do you have a game changing hair product which has made your life easier?