Autumn Candles by DW Home (Found at TK Maxx)

I’ve always been a fan of autumn, I love crisp leaves underfoot and the weather being cool enough for jumpers, flannel shirts and warm blankets, and dark and cold enough outside to enjoy film marathons and board game nights. I always anticipate the return of hot drinks (after months of almost all my coffee coming iced). Most of all I love that it means that we are closer to my favourite months of the year. So although I appreciate that it may still be a bit early to write about autumn candles- I’m going to. This is partly because I didn’t want to leave it too long and risk the stock changing in TK Maxx, and people missing out!

Another of my favourite things about autumn, is the fragrance. Even if this is partly due to candles and home fragrances making me associate specific scents with autumn, or whether it’s due to people using more spices in baking in autumn (apple pies, mulled cider, pumpkin spice lattes etc.)

Due to this, I’m always on the hunt for great smelling candles to bring that Autumn feel to my place- and as we sadly lack a Bath & Body Works in the UK (I’ve spent plenty of time filling my basket with all the autumn candles, that I can’t get shipped here) this usually means looking a little harder. I like Yankee candles but they can be a bit hit and miss, and a bit artificial- and the packaging isn’t always the prettiest.

One of my favourite places to search for candles is TK Maxx as they always seem to get great candles in the run up to Autumn and Christmas. On my most recent visit I was not disappointed- picking up three awesome looking candles by DW Home- for the bargain price of only £2.99 each, which is especially impressive as they retail at $12!

I picked up three different scents; Pumpkin, Autumn Orchard and Honey Pumpkin. They all smell fantastic- and the pumpkin and honey pumpkin smell very different- enough so that I picked up both! I also love the jars, and they’d be great to reuse once the candles are used up.

The Pumpkin candle smells sweet and slightly spicy, it’s very autumnal and I particularly love the simple jar- which is orange glass and says pumpkin in gold. I’m looking forward to lighting this one, as it smells like autumn baking- and few things smell more welcoming than that!

The Autumn Orchard Candle is a bit sweeter and has a rich apple scent. It smells like how you would imagine going apple picking to smell- the romanticised version without wasps! It smells delicious (apple pie!) but isn’t sickly sweet, as can be a problem with some apple candles. This candle came with a gold top, and slightly more complicated- although no less pretty design.

Finally the Honey Pumpkin candle smells absolutely amazing. It smells sweet with hints of spices, vanilla and honey. I love the glass jar (two toned glass) with the pretty printed label and once again can’t wait to use it.

All three candles have gorgeous scents, and I can’t wait to have them out on display come autumn as I feel they’ll look super pretty together! There were more candles available, and in different scents but I restrained myself to three that I felt went well together (Although I have since picked up a couple more!)

I’d highly recommend checking your local TK Maxx to see whether they have any in stock, as it’s hard to find autumn candles in the UK that are as interesting sounding as their US Counterparts. I was super happy to find these, and they’ve helped with my longing for Bath & Body Works Candles- which I’m unlikely to try unless they start shipping to the UK.

These candles look far more expensive than they were, and they’d make great gifts- I’d definitely be happy to get one! I even spotted some Christmas in TK Maxx, so keep an eye out and you may get lucky…

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