Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation/Concealer in Porcelain 1/Naked 1

ConcealerFoundation Collection

Last time I was in boots I spotted that there was a Collection foundation and concealer on offer, meaning that they were only £3.99 each. Given that the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1 is the best concealer I have tried for my pale skin I was excited to give these a try!

I picked up the Illuminating Touch Foundation in Porcelain 1, and the Illuminating Touch Concealer in Naked 1- both in the lightest available shade.

collection foundation

I am very happy with the Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation. It is in a frosted glass bottle which is nice and I think looks and feels more expensive than you would expect for a cheap foundation. It also has a pump which works well and means that you can get foundation out easily and cleanly, although it does give you a fraction less control over how much foundation comes out- I find that I pretty much have to do a full pump!

foundation pump

In terms of coverage I would call it fairly light, but buildable. In the picture above I have applied a single light layer using a real techniques sponge. Using your fingers or a brush I imagine you could get a higher coverage. The Boots website describes it as a ‘your skin but better’ finish, and I would definitely agree. It helps to cover small blemishes and red areas (such as around my eyes) well.

In terms of shade I would say that Porcelain 1 suits my skin pretty well. Although on my hand it looks a tad too dark, once it has been blended in I can’t see a difference so I would definitely recommend trying it if you have pale skin and struggle to find a foundation that works. Below is a picture with the foundation on.


I am also pleased with the Illuminating Touch Concealer, although I will say that I prefer the collection lasting perfection concealer I previously reviewed. I like the concept behind the concealer, but find it a little too pink for my skin- although once blended in it seems fine! This means that I don’t feel that it gives me as great highlighting or illuminating abilities as it would if it were a lighter shade.

collection concealer

I find the brush a tad annoying due to the fact that it dries out and wastes product, making it hard to use. In Boots I was unable to use the tester due to the brush being caked with dried on product! So something to try avoid doing if you buy this concealer.

concealer brush

It does seem to conceal pretty well however, and does blend in well so I would still recommend this for people with pale skin- just maybe give the lasting perfection concealer a go first! To show the difference in shade between the two collection concealers, here is a picture of them side by side.

concealer comparison

Finally here is a before and after picture! On the left is my face with no product on, and on the right I have the illuminating foundation and concealer on, although I applied both with a sponge and in a fairly light layer so this could be built to a higher coverage level if desired. You can definitely see that it helps in covering dark circles under my eyes and red areas.

Comparison Face

Overall I am happy with my two purchases and would definitely recommend giving them a go! They are a bargain for £3.99 each (and fairly priced at £5.99 for the foundation and £4.99 for the concealer when not on sale.)

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