Origins Ginzing Moisturiser Review

Origins Ginzeng Side View Skincare is an area I care about, but also an area I kind of suck at. I am fairly terrible at remembering to wash my face and moisturise frequently- maybe because my skin isn’t that badly behaved. But I have decided recently that I really want to try get into a better routine with my skincare- namely to ensure I use a moisturiser  morning and night.

I chose to order a new moisturiser from Origins, partly because I was already planning to order another item from them and partly because I have always heard good things about Origins skincare range.

I decided to order the Ginzing moisturiser, and my decision was finalized when I saw that Origins was offering it in a limited edition super-size (where you get 75ml instead of 50ml for about the same price).

It costs £25, which seems like a fair price given the amount of product, and having been using it for a few weeks I feel that it should last a decent amount of time as I don’t require a huge amount to moisturize my whole face.

Origins have packaged the item well, and I like the shape of the pot and the fact that it is sturdy enough to survive being tossed in a bag when I am staying over somewhere.

Origins Ginzeng White Background

The Ginzing moisturiser is a lightweight oil free cream, which soaks in easily. It is a fairly light consistency which is perfect for summer and moisturises my face well although come winter and the colder months I may be tempted to switch to a heavier moisturiser.

My skin certainly looks better since I started using this – and the dry patches I occasionally get on my forehead seem to have stopped appearing. I like that it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin yet my skin still feels refreshed and hydrated!

According to Origins it is recommended for dry/normal/oily skin and I can certainly believe that it would work well for all three- my boyfriend also uses it occasionally and between the two of us I think that we can cover all three categories depending on how our skin is behaving.

Based on my experience with it so far I would certainly recommend giving it a try, and it is the pretty much the cheapest Origins cream so not a bad one to try if you have never used their moisturisers before and want to give them a go.

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