The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask

Warming Mask Body Shop

I picked up this warming mineral mask by The Body Shop when I required a third item on a 3 for 2 offer, I chose this because it was near the till and because I liked the idea of a warming mask- having liked the Montagne Jeunesse hot chocolate masks in the past.

I got this in the summer, and have been enjoying using it. It seems to last for quite a few applications which is good, and makes the initial price of the mask more reasonable. Now that the weather is colder I am particularly enjoying using it, due to the warming sensation when you apply it.

Warming Mask on face

You apply this mask after cleansing, apply it to a wet face (avoiding eye and lip areas) leave it on for five minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Also try to avoid getting it in your hair and eyebrows like I did!

I like how quick a mask it is and how nice it makes my skin feel in a mere five minutes. It is quick enough to use in the morning before you have to go out, so not just a mask for a pamper day like others I have used. However the warming effect means it is also great to use as part of a spa evening at home!

It makes my skin feel so clean and soft, and the smell of the mask is lovely!

Warming Mask on hand

The texture of the mask is fairly thick, almost paste like. I find it pretty easy to smooth over wet skin, although applying a thick layer can be a little difficult.

The mask doesn’t harden, which makes it much easier to remove compared to other clay masks- which can set fairly solid! I have sensitive skin that gets dry easily and this mask works well for me, my boyfriend also likes the mask when he uses it- and he has oily/combination skin so I would recommend this mask for different skin types. Obviously if you could try a sample before committing to the full size it would be even better!

It costs £11 which is reasonable for the amount of uses that you can get from the mask. I would repurchase this once I have finished it.

Do you have any recommendations for face masks?

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